A teaser poster for a short illustrated novella I’m working on that will be released as a supporter perk for people who fund the movie Lost in the Sun on IndieGogo.

Zeni the geologist and her collection of neat old cars. One of these days I’ll get around to doing an adventure comic featuring this lady.

Illustrations done for a couple articles in Time Out NY magazine. The first three are from an article about various ways to celebrate St Patricks Day. The last one is a triptych for an article on the evolution vodka drinking.

A bit of fun. All your favorite comic strips remixed with bears.

Ms Lara Croft. A bit of an older piece but one I’m still pretty fond of.

Sample pages from my first graphic novel “City of Spies" written by Laurence Klavan and Susan Kim, colored by Hilary Sycamore, and published by First Second Books.

Done as a sample for a certain grocery store. 

Images done as samples for a possible sequel to my first graphic novel City of Spies.